December 15

Where a Chicago Party Bus Can Take You

Choosing a party bus for your next night out on the town can be the best decision you’ll make this year. Party buses are designed to provide users with a good and upbeat time, no matter where they need to go. Party buses also allow you and your buddies to drink without the hassle if designating a driver or worry about how you’ll get home. Essentially, it is an absolutely stress-free option for anyone. One of the main questions that most party bus users have is where the bus can go. If you’re renting a Chicago party bus, then you have many options – so many that you won’t know where to start.

Wherever You Want to Go


First, a party bus in Chicago can take you wherever you want to go within the city and around the city. To designate a route, you need to speak to the party bus company and verify everything with the driver. Typically, drivers are highly knowledgeable about the city and routes around the city. This means that you’ll be able to get around in a timely manner and without the hassle of figuring out the best route so that you get to your destination.

Ask the Driver

If you don’t know where you want to go, but you may have an idea about the type of place that you are looking for, then you can always as the driver for a few ideas. Because drivers are experienced on the job and know how to get around, they certainly know spots that you may be interested in. You can also ask them before the evening begins so that you can plan out the route with your driver. Taking these steps will be convenient for both you and the driver since there will be a clear idea on what the plan is for the evening.

Keep Limits in Mind

While the party bus is able to take you anywhere in the city and around the city, it is also important to keep limits in mind. This means that you don’t want to ruin the evening by driving all over without stopping at some great places. Party buses, while a convenient way to keep the party going, are limited in how much they can mimic a club or bar. Therefore, you also want to spend less time driving around and more time enjoy the party.

July 8

Does Anyone Use Party Buses For Wedding Receptions?

Partying with family members definitely has a charm, especially when it is on the auspicious day of your wedding. But your happiness and sorrow will be best shared with friends. And for them you can arrange for a separate plan where you will have a privacy of your own.

Everybody arranges party for friends, but you can go for an out of the box plan with making party arrangements party buses for weddings, which will allow you to travel even when you are partying. All the party amenities like the proper music system, nice party décor couches and floors with apt ceiling design makes the party buses one of the best places to party; but, there are some do’s and don’ts which one will have to maintain when they are on a party bus for weddings.

Using a party bus in a wedding party


Wedding receptions can be planned in a number of ways, and you can always add new attractions to dazzle your guests. One such way is to use a party bus in a wedding reception party. People are always in search of new ways, and new joys, and want to implement new techniques and fun to their celebrations. Party bus services can be used in a very good way for such celebrations like wedding receptions, and there are actually lots of advantages of using a party bus in such a party.

  • Party buses allow you to party on the go also.
  • The floors and the lights are designed alike the party to provide a positive vibes among the people in the car.
  • The couches of the party van are always very soft and provide you the best in class comfort.
  • Music is one of the prime needs when you are partying, and music speakers are of top quality in party buses.
  • There is also a provision of watching videos in the buses.

Dos and Don’ts in a party bus

Whenever you are traveling in a party bus, you will have to maintain the proper etiquette; otherwise the company may charge a huge amount as a penalty. On what grounds do these charges apply?

  • When a party is organized with friends it is sure that the music will be loud, but if anyone is not habituated with the loud music will have to immediately tell the other friends in order to avoid medical issues.
  • The party is available only for the stipulated for which you have hired the bus, after which no requests will be entertained.

To sum up

People all over the world would love to leave a mark on the day, which is so very special. And when you are looking for a private place to party to with friends you will definitely love party buses for weddings. This party bus can accommodate all types of friend’s circles. But when you are going for a party bus service, you will have to maintain proper etiquette otherwise you may be charged high penalty rates.

January 20

Sizes and Features of SUV Limousines

Are you looking for a SUV Limousine? Well, if you are then there are a few questions you need to know the answers to before you go ahead with buying or renting the limousine. A limousine is different from the other models which you are going to ride in. It has an elegance which is rarely found in cars and its compactness adds to its beauty. If you are looking to hire or purchase a limo then you should be aware of some facts so that you can make an informed choice.

Perfect occasion for a SUV limo

There is nothing called the perfect occasion for which a limousine would be suitable. A limousine is suitable for any occasion like bachelor’s party, bachelorette party, funerals, solo ride, prom nights, or any other occasion as per your needs. It can be used for private gatherings or government functions and is one of the most popularly known modes of transport for any kind of celebration.

How to determine the size of a limo?

If you want to determine the size of a limo then you can do so by looking at the seating of the limousine. The number of passengers it can accommodate actually differentiates a limo from another. The standard sizes are 16 passengers, 20 passengers, 24 passengers. One more essential point which you need to keep in mind is that sometimes if you are looking at a luxurious model then the size automatically increases and the passenger space decreases. So keep in mind both of these tips in mind before hiring or purchasing a SUV limo.

Essential features of a limousine-

Like any other car, even SUV limousines have some particular characteristics which make it stand out from the other cars in the market. Below listed are a few features which are crucial for a limo-

  • Lighting- You will be able to use and install a variety of lighting system as per your choice and needs like neon theme lighting, dim lighting, multi color star lights, etc.
  • Sound system- The sound system is one of the best qualities in the market. It supports a variety of equipment like CD, FM, AM, DVD. Along with the sound system they even provide you with a LCD flat screen so that you can steam any video and enjoy your journey.
  • Small Bar- If you want to hold a small party or you want to enjoy your time with a few drinks then you can do so with the help of the bar present in the limo.
  • Engine power- The engine power of the car ranges from 5000- 7000. This differs from one model to another.

Which brand should you select-

You will find that there are many brands which are offering SUV limousines. So if you want to decide which one you should select then you can compare them on different criteria and look which one scores the best of the list.

Hopefully after reading the above synopsis on SUV Limousines you will be able to make the perfect choice for your needs.

September 16

How A Chicago Bridal Party Can Travel In Luxury

A limousine is a kind of luxury sedan car, is generally driven by the chauffeurs. The cars are designed in such way that there is a partition between the driver and the passengers’ compartment. The traditional limousines are in black and white, but one can find limousine in any color now. This service can be hired for any party or outing. Everybody cannot own a limousine, so they can hire limo services for enjoying parties with friends and family. This service can be hired for many occasions. You can hire a limo for a Chicago bridal party; this can change the atmosphere of your wedding ceremony.

Importance of Limousine in wedding


A wedding ceremony is one of the most special occasions of any person’s life. Everybody wants to make this day as much memorable as possible. If you go to marry your bride in a limousine your wife will feel like a princess. She must be amazed by it. This car is very comfortable and lavish too. By including this thing in the list of your wedding necessities you can make the day a memorable one. All the guests and your family members will feel special to witness such special wedding ceremony. And by coming to your bride in this lavish and trendy car you can make your wedding ceremony a royal one.

Arrange a bridal party in a limousine

The engagement party also can be arranged in a limousine. To make the day special you can throw a party in a limousine with your bride, relatives and friends. An engagement party is a very special celebration for everyone, so you can make the celebration a memorable one by hiring a limousine. Besides a limousine, party buses are also available in Chicago; these buses can accommodate 40 to 44 persons, and this should be enough for an engagement party. All the arrangements are ready there for you in a party bus; all party necessities, music, video system, dance pole, drinks and all sorts are arranged there.

Limousine for reception party

You can arrange a party in reception of your wedding, and a limousine would be the perfect choice for Chicago bridal party. Enjoy the party with your friends or family with all the lavishness and comfort. The space of the limousine party buses are enough for enjoying, you can also dance there and do anything you want. The limos provide you a full privacy, so there is nothing to interrupt in your enjoyment. The inner view with lighting and music make a perfect atmosphere in the limousine for a full fledged party. You can get a crazy night there.

The limousines and party buses are very much safe at the roads and also for long journeys. The professional and authorized technicians check the limousines before a drive and give cars and buses which are certified. The service of the limos are very good, you get a clean and clear inner atmosphere. If you live in Chicago or are planning to do a bridal party there you can hire a limousine or party bus. Various companies are offering limousine service in this city. So, make your bridal party special with a party bus or limo.

April 9

Premium Sound Systems Put the Party in Party Limos

The highly luxurious vehicles, limos are undoubtedly known for reasons like comfort, luxury, and entertainment. Nowadays, limos are also available for partying purposes. Yes, the range of limousines available on rent these days come equipped with the seating capacity of even more than a dozen of people. So, in case you are a college student and looking to party hard with your buddies, or want to throw a bachelorette party before your marriage then a party limo can be an excellent option to consider. The main reason why we recommend party limo for partying purpose is because of the sound systems. Without any doubt, in every party the main element that builds up the mood is the sound system. And, today’s party limousines come equipped with premium sound systems. The sound systems installed in the limos are really advanced and will surely blow your mind away! Through this article, we will provide you some really cool information about the sound systems found in today’s limos.

What makes limo sound systems so different?


Like we know, limousines are all about luxury and comfort. The expensive nature of this vehicle is one of the most striking aspects that separate it from the rest. For this reason, the sound systems installed in the limos are no ordinary. Good amount of money is spent even on the sound or the music systems. Below are some of the benefits of premium music systems you can expect to come across if you hire a party limo:

Your own DJ!

When you are inside the party limousine with your friends, you will not miss the fun of sound system that is usually found in pubs and discos. The audio systems installed in party limos are really powerful and of high quality, generating crystal clear audio with 3D surround sound effects. In some limousines that are designed for accommodating like 10 or 12 people, the audio system can produce up to 5000 watts, which will simply pump up the party mood of your friends. You can play your favorite numbers as the sound system allows you to plug in your iPhone, iPod or other music gadgets. So, all you need to do is make a playlist of the numbers which you and your friends like, and connect your device to the highly advanced audio system.

Really Powerful!

The premium sound systems usually come in the form of at least 6.1. It means that the system would incorporate one woofer and six sub-woofer or speakers. As the size of the party limo increases, the number of sub-woofers or speakers also tends to increase in order to maintain the intensity and quality of the audio. Unlike the normal audio systems that tend to lose their audio quality at high volumes, the state of the art sound systems installed in the party limos are from the top brands, which ensure absolute clarity even when the volume is at the maximum level. This is the reason why party limos are turning into one of the best options for partying.